Sunday, May 26, 2013

Myth Busting Mustaches

In order to make up for not posting anything last week, I have prepared something very special this week. Prepare yourself for myth busting mustache style!

It helps if you read it in Jamie Hyneman's voice. And remember, these are all available for sale on my Etsy store. Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine

Helped my aunt move this weekend and got a vintage sewing machine out of it! It was quite the adventure getting it home. We had to perform an intricate dance to fit it into the back seat of our Corolla. The thing weighs a ton, so it took the two of us some time to haul it up the stairs to our apartment. Tonight, I got to open it up and inspect it.

Needs a little love, but it will be beautiful when I'm done with it.

Did a little research on the model. It's not worth much, but it's still pretty cool.

Took out the old thread and needle in preparation for a test-run.
At first, I thought I was missing the pedal. Turns out this thing has a knee lever when you open the front cabinet (which was stuck closed and took quite the effort to pry open).
It does a straight stitch only.

My husband was a bit nervous because loose bobbins and such kept falling out in transit to our home. Luckily, all the parts seem to be there, though it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. After close inspection of the wiring, I decided to plug it in. To my delight, the light works! The motor works as well, but the parts are so rusty, it got stuck after half a turn. Once I clean the rust out, it should work perfectly.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Following the suggestions of many friends and family members, I did finally open a Twitter account today. Hopefully I can learn how to reach out on these social media sites. We'll see how it goes.

I suppose I have to be honest with you all and admit that I have not done any new projects recently. I did, however, clean out all the things that were living under my bed today. I came across my portfolio and found some old prints that I thought you might enjoy. Keep in mind that these are from a printmaking class I took in 2008. If it weren't so difficult to obtain access to a printing press, I would love to do more.

This series is a study of shoes. Each pair of shoes is based on a person who is very dear to me. I tried to capture their personality through stance and posture, as well as shoe style and color. I think I nailed it on most of these, but I guess you'd have to know these people to really appreciate them. Since they are just gathering dust under my bed right now, I'm thinking I'll frame them and give them to each of the people they represent. Enjoy!

Christina, a college roommate and a very dear friend.

Elizabeth, a very old friend.

Radar, another roommate, one of the most interesting personalities I've come to know.

Tom, my Grandfather (the Mountain Man, as my husband likes to call him).

Nikke, an old friend whom I've unfortunately lost touch with.

CHL, my husband.
This last one I never got a chance to actually print, but it hangs on an easel in the craft room as inspiration. Someday, maybe I'll get a chance to run a print of it.