Monday, March 25, 2013

Back in Action

After a couple years of artistic stagnation, I am finally getting back into crafting! I took my husband's advice and spent the last couple of months building up inventory to open up an Etsy store. I'm almost ready to start selling. Here's a preview of some of the potential products I'm working on.

A while back, my mom asked me to make some re-usable coffee cup cozies for her co-workers. I de-constructed one of the Starbuck's models and made some modifications, making it adjustable and widening the pocket. I then painted on the logo for the company she works for. Everyone liked them so much, and there were a million ways to customize the design. So, I figured these were a good a place to start. Here are some of my favorites so far:

My husband loves Nintendo, so we're working on some video game designs.
Princess Peach. You can see it's a bit bulky if you try to fit a card in the pocket, but it's workable.
Thanks for the idea, Mom!

Next is one of my favorite things to use. It's a rice-filled hot/cold pack that you can either microwave or keep in the freezer. These are really easy to make at home if you happen to have some scrap fabric and rice on hand. I even used a clean sock at one time. These are a few steps up from the sock... I've made several different sized inserts and am working on different patterns for washable flannel covers.
A work in progress: Pokémon fire symbol (the other side will have ice).
Following the theme, Fire Flower on one side and Ice Flower on the other.
This is obviously the small size. Good for boo boos. I like to use them for sinus headaches.

 It feels so good to be creating again! I am really looking forward to getting my shop up and running. Stay tuned for more updates!