Monday, September 30, 2013

Ghost Window Art

We are finally settled in to our new home, just in time for Halloween! A couple years ago, I turned our apartment into a Super Mario style haunted house. My favorite decorations from that year were the Boos. I use them every year now. They turned out so cool, and were so easy to make!

All you need is some vellum, scissors, a couple of permanent markers, and some double-sided tape. (If you don't have vellum, or are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can use a roll of parchment paper just as easily. Although, vellum is a bit sturdier and more likely to last you a few years.)

This will work for anything ghost-like you may want to make: Casper, Pac-Man, generic-white-sheet-ghosts... Just find the picture you want (or make up a character of your own), and trace it onto the vellum. In order to make these double-sided, you will need to copy the picture onto both sides of the vellum, otherwise one side will look faded. If you decide to go with a solid color ghost (like Pac-Man), you can buy colored vellum and just trace the features in black.

Cut them out, put some double-sided tape on them, and you are done! It's that easy. Took me about an hour to make a dozen of these.

These look great in windows, on walls, mirrors, or even hanging from the ceiling. If you decide to hang some, you should know that they do have a tendency to curl if they are not against a flat surface. Try hanging them just before your guests arrive. I may try using mod podge, or something like it, to stiffen/preserve them. I'll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, here is the finished product where I think they look best: in the window!

Shy Boo was always my favorite. Next week, I'll share more fun Halloween decorations. And possibly some kind of apple recipe, in honor of the arrival Autumn!