Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Game Grumps Cross Stitch Ornaments

For the last week, I've been begging my husband to let me put up our Christmas tree. Not necessarily because I'm an impatient Christmas fanatic, although I have been guiltily listening to Christmas music in the car ever since KOST 103.5 started playing it nonstop. I wanted to photograph some ornaments I made so I could list them on my store before Black Friday. I think he secretly wanted to have the tree up, too; once I got started, he got into the Christmas spirit with me. We even had hot chocolate to celebrate the occasion.

Yes, that is white hot chocolate, from a homemade mix, a recipe I adapted from one my mom used to make during the holidays. Soon I will share it with the world on this blog. I did promise to wait until after Thanksgiving to put all the ornaments on the tree. The only ones that get to stay are these:

I was going to wait and give them to my husband as a surprise Christmas present; then I ended up asking his advice on color choice and so forth. Surprise ruined. But, now that I don't have to worry about him finding out, I get to share the patterns! After lots of graph paper, more graph paper, and a few hours on gimp, I bring you these Kirby Game Grumps cross-stitch patterns!


Using 7-count plastic canvas, your favorite yarn (2 strands if it's thin), and a basic cross stitch, the finished product is roughly 3 inches square. Once you have both sides completed, just cut them out (use the border in the patterns for reference). Then, stitch them together by looping the yarn around the edges. It usually takes several stitches in each edge square, and re-tracing around the corners, in order to cover all the plastic. Attach a ribbon to hang, and you're done! Easy gift for the gamer geek in your life.